I just installed this plugin after reading Josh Lowensohn’s article about it.
This is a great plugin that will allow you to add an additional channel of distribution to your content. Audio ( voice of your content ).

Installation is pretty simple and quick, however you will need to proof listen to your post in addition to proof reading it.

This plugin is provided for free by Odiogo. They have a mechanism that will parse your content and convert it to audio upon a click on a play button.

The reader (a man ) sounds very professional, however when you write you have to be careful with punctuations. I would recommend writing short sentences, or pay attention to adding commas in longer sentences. This will allow the audio to pause and make your content more understandable.

Make sure you comment any html, javascipt or php samples in your post. The audio will not be able to read it. It will either skip it in the middle or keep spelling it which sounds really difficult to follow. Proof listen, change you text, proof listen till you are happy with your post.


– Easy installation.
– Free.
– Great ( Near-human ) quality text-to-speech sound and voice projection.
– Additional channel of distribution to you content, specially for the reading impared.

– Works on WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and Terapad platforms. More info in their blog.


– The latest post usually doesn’t show immediately, however for faster availability of audio with XML-RPC check this post.
– Player has no volume control slider
– You need to spend extra time to comment any text that audio will not read
– You need to spend extra time to proof listen to your post


1. Sign up at odiogo.com

You will receive an instant email for signing up and an email in a couple of hours with your account setup info.

2. Download the plugin after receiving a second email.

3. Upload directory odiogo_listen_button to your /wp-content/plugins directory via FTP

4. Login to your WordPress admin account and activate the Odiogo Listen Button plugin through the Plugins menu

5. Click Menu Options > Odiogo Listen Button

6. Enter your Odiogo Feed ID and click Save ( Feed ID provided in email )

If you have a widget ready wordpress theme and want to display Odiogo Subscribe button on your sidebar
7. Click menu Presentation > Widgets (or Sidebar Widgets depending on your WP version)

8. Drag and drop Odiogo Subscribe Button from Available Widgets to Sidebar

9. Save changes.

If you don’t have widget ready wordpress or want to just custom add your Audio Enriched RSS Feed:

7. Add a link to http://podcasts.odiogo.com/tdot-blog/podcasts-xml.php

and replace tdot-blog with your site url

8. Upload your changes.

ENJOY, and let me know what you think about it.