screenshotI found Atahualpa when looking for a WordPress theme. What is really unique about it, is the flexibility of customizing the layout of the site appearance from the admin interface. The developers of this theme put a lot of effort in allowing you to customize every detail of the page from the header to the sidebars to the footer.
You can even from the admin interface add a couple of plugins that I consider very important in any blog, print and mail a post.

Currently if you download this theme from the admin area, you’ll get the version 3.4.9. I tried the newer version from the owners site, but still like the layout of version 3.4.9 more. You can start with this version and then later upgrade to the newer version.

The theme will take you a while to get through all the options ( 268 options ), but it is time worth it, if you want to create a unique/original looking WordPress site, without having to edit and upload/ftp files. Great theme, I recommend it.

Here is some of the features by the authors:

Up to 4 sidebars, fixed or flexible width layout, custom widget areas, drop down menus, SEO features, rotating header images and an active support forum with over 30,000 posts. New: Style import / export feature and improved speed.