If you’ve been blogging for a while, you might have noticed or maybe are bothered that the archives list is getting too large. Every month a new entry is added and it will keep growing as you publish more posts. I have seen some blog themes implement a drop-down for the archive listing, but I found it difficult to scroll with the mouse when the list is too large. Another option is to list all the archives in a separate page. I like this options as only interested visitors can see, instead of everyone seeing it whether they want or not. Also it saves a lot of space on your webpage that you can use to display anything else of your liking. There is a plugin that will help you organizing all you archives in one page: SRG Clean Archives plugin.

It is simple to install and caches the archive content, so it’s loads faster. You can see it in action here, and since I don’t write so much… I made a simple change to not display the date of the post.