Some themes come without showing the comment form at the bottom of pages. To display the comment form on one Page of your blog selectively and not on others, is simple to do.
Here is how I would do it:

– Go to the edit Pages in the admin area and hover over the page you want to edit.
You will see the post id used to store it in the database. Take a note of it:


Under the Appearance menu, click on the Editor menu item.


Then click on the Page Template item, which will allow you to edit the page.php file. This file has the instruction on what to display on a wordpress page.




 You will find that the function responsible for displaying the comment form (comments_template()) is missing. All you will need to add the the code that will instruct php to display the comment form, only if the page id is = 9. In your case, you will replace 9 with the page id that you like to add comments to.

To display the comment form on your page add the code between and including the red boxes below: settingup-comments-in-pages-4


 If you like to display the comment for on only 2 pages, either page 1508 or page 1832, then you can change your if statement like this following one:


Or if you want to display the comment form on any page, except page 1508, then the following applies: