Setting up a blog is becoming an easier task these days. There is a lot of information and help you can find that will help you get started.

Many of cPanel customers use tutorials or articles that lead them to installing WordPress using Fantastico. I do however prefer using the traditional install.

With cPanel it is simpler than you think, because you don’t need a ftp software to do it. You can just go to your file manager desired location, click on upload and upload the files you wish. I will write about it in my next post.

In fact the whole process is becoming as easy as 1-2-3.

1- Domain name:

You will need a domain name that you can register with a registrar like Godaddy or you can use a reseller that can pass some savings to you.
If you are not ready or didn’t find the domain name you like, you can start first by using a subdomain from your hosting provider until you get a domain name.
You can later ask you hosting provider to change your account and make the new domain name point to your site without having to reinstall your software again. You can start of using a subdomain, for instance, if you go by

2- Webhost that supports wordpress and htaccess. Many hosts these days will offer you webspace with all the tools you need to run a wordpress site.
htaccess stands for hypertext access and comes in very handy in many aspects of running a website. First you can set it to use custom permalinks and display user and SEO friendly URLs of your posts. More importantly you can use it as a layer of security to protect your wordpress installation.

3- Your choice of theme designs and plugins.
Themes will change the look of your site, you can find many different designs to choose from and pick the one you like.

WordPress comes with a couple of themes and plugins that you can start with, however soon you will want to look for other themes that you can upload and use with a simple click of a button.

You can change the design from time to time. This is what makes the software so popular.

If you need any help with your wordpress install, just let me know.