Are you having trouble installing wordpress? Are you looking for a quick way to install wordpress with all main plugins included? If so then I strongly urge you to try Expert WordPress. Best of all it is offered for free.

Expert WordPress was created by my friend Alex Sysoef and Dimitry Agadzhanov. Their basic offer which is free will allow you to install the wordpress package. And if you do not have any technical knowlege and want to build a blog site on your own, don’t worry, you’ll find it simple to install watching a video that comes with it.

You can use fantastio or the 5 minutes installation guide offer by wordpress (I also wrote about it). Expert wordpress will include a lot of plugins that you can activate if you choose to. Alex picked the most popular and robust plugin and I am sure there will be some of these plugins that will be very benefitial to your site.

I used the package to install a wordpress site and it worked fine for me with no issues.

Here are the main features:

* Expert WordPress Free Download comes with blog installer, the complete package that enables even absolutely non-technical person to install the blog. This is the greatest value for the download.

* Also included is a custom theme with installer that our customers love so much. Theme is activated and configured for you during the install and no extra interaction from you.

* You will get 2 videos that show you step-by-step entire install process and second videos outlines all the unique features of the blog created as result.

* Community Forum is also part of what you get when you decide to download our Expert WordPress installer package.

All you have to do is sign up for his newsletter and you should be able to download the package for free. You can unsubscribe from his newletter later, but I recommend you to stay because he will always send you wordpress relevant information that will keep you on top of your site.

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