easy steps you should followI am pleased to announce my first E-Book, that I am offering to anyone interested in building a secure WordPress site.

This E-Book will cover points that are overlooked by many, who install WordPress scripts, yet most of the points discussed are crucial for the security of your site.

E-book format:

I created this E-Book in PDF which should make it readable on any platform. It is a 16 page report.

Please let me know, if you wish to receive a copy in a different format.

What’s in it:

I listed the main steps, that you should follow to better secure your WordPress site installation.

Each step will show you, what you should look for or how exactly you can implement it. I created this report from information and feedback from research I did over the internet around Security to help my clients better secure their sites. In the report I show step by step how to implement desired changes to better secure your site.

Topics included:

  • 3 Questions To Ask Your Web Hosting Provider
  • File Permissions
  • Database Permissions
  • Table Prefix
  • Access to wp-admin
  • Access to vital WordPress Files in your Main Directory
  • Beware Downloading New Themes
  • Roles and Permissions for users
  • Directory browsing
  • WordPress Version number
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Software and Plugins up-to-date
  • Taking Backups
  • More Reading

What customers say:

Thank you for your informative section about adding .htaccess. I had learnt this the hard way. Better now than never! Thank you once again Sherif for the great customer support.

I quickly scanned your eBook and was PLEASED to see you covered the WP table prefix name change. And thanks for the tip on the plug-in for locking out hackers after multiple log-in failures. MR

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Upon a payment of $5.95 (Free for Tdothost.com customers), click on return to merchant from the paypal confirmation screen. This will redirect you to a download page. If for any reasons you have issues, please contact me. I will email you an attachment.

Please note:

Examples in this report are demostrated using cPanel. This ebook is not a tutorial about cPanel. It assumes that you are familiar different aspects on setting up your WordPress site and cPanel.