WordPressI noticed some of my clients always create pages when they want to add content. Ideally you need to have both Pages and Posts. If your wordpress theme shows each page as a menu item at the top, your site will appear more like a business site, rather than a blog. This is handy, specially if you want your site to have both Pages and Posts… In this case, your blogs will  appear better integrated to the rest of your site.

Let’s take a look at each usage:-

Pages are intended for a topic you write once, like the main page, a contact us page, a testimonial page, a services you provide page, etc…

Posts on the other hand are suited for topics you want to write about frequently. In this case you will need to organize your posts into categories. Like for example, if you teach and want to create a site about your teaching methods, you can have categories like:
– Sample lessons, News (write about relevant news only),  Updates, Calligraphy, Pedagogy, Famous people, Book Review (review relevant books and write your opinion about them), Country profiles (pick countries where the language is spoken), ….

If you write about real estate, you can create categories about: New listings in a neighborhood, Another New listings in a different neighborhood, Open House (open houses that you think are worth visiting), Rentals (your pick of good deal rentals), mortgage rate updates,….

Remember, you want your site to be like an interesting magazine with multiple sections /or categories that can bring repeat visitors who ultimately will think about and contact you if they need further help.