It turned out to be easier that I thought to create a website in Arabic. Even if you have a WordPress site in English and want to convert it into Arabic is not a big deal, assuming that the theme you are using will support it.

The key is making following 2 changes to your site:

First, make sure to add Arabic files into a directory that you create under the wp-includes directory of your wordpress installation. You can just upload file into wp-includes directory and unzip it. (languages file)

Second is your wp-config.php file. Open this file in your admin area and edit the following line.

define (‘WPLANG’, ‘ar’);

By default it is in English. All you need to do is add ‘ar’, which stands for Arabic.

The only challenge you might find is if your theme doesn’t justify text to the right. Here you will have to look into the style sheet of the theme and update it.

I am using the The 2010 theme for WordPress ( default theme) in my project and it is working fine.

If you want to download all WordPress files for a given language, you might find it here.

To write Arabic even without an Arabic keyboard, check here.