WordPress is becoming more popular day by day, has evolved from a blogging to a CMS platform.

I started learning about it from customers who sign up for my Hosting Service. More and more use WordPress than any other script offered.

It amazed me how easily you can make your site unique by adding some simple customization to your blog.

Available plugins, however, can add functionality to your blog that far exceeds blogging and CMS capabilities as you might think.

Yesterday, I came across an article by Raj Dash, who posted a list of 48 ways to build WordPress based sites.

He surveyed the different plugins and usages for WordPress.

Check it out!

I think you can find some ideas that might be useful to your need.

I don’t think Raj wrote about a membership based site, which is what I am currently thinking of doing.

So, if I am right, then the list could grow to 49…

Check it out here and let me know what you think.