snagit-logo.png I know that many have already written and read about it, however if you haven’t do yourself a favor and get a free copy.

I downloaded SnagIt about a month ago, and use it now on a daily basis, since a picture speaks 1000 words.

One day when I have an issue and want to communicate it anyone, I find it invaluable in capturing and highlighting any section of the screen that I want to talk about.

It is light weight and has so many features that makes highlighting and communicating any issue like a breeze.

I really like the ease of use that made me use it with no learning curve. No wonder why it is an award winning software.

One special thing about it, that I like a lot, is that I can delay capture of a screen, which allows me to highlight multiple levels of sub menu, and highlight any menu item I want to display.

It also provides a simple graphic tool bar that I can use to drag an arrow or any shape to highlight sections of screen capture image.

Here are SnagIt version 7.25 features that I can count:

  • Capture exactly what I see on your screen – an image, an article, or a table.
  • Capture contents of a scrolling window.
  • Capture any part of any application that runs on your laptop.
  • I don’t need to save my capture as a file, I can just cut and paste it into an Outlook e-mail.
  • Paint tools panel to easily edit you capture.
  • Capture text from any window on your laptop.
  • My favorite, “Timer setup” to capture pop-ups or sub-menu items.

The current SnagIt 8.2 adds Vista compatibility, and the ability to save a capture into a file remotely to Flickr or to Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel.

Here is where you can get it:

for the key fill in your info here:

TechSmith will send you the key info to you email.

Let me know what you think about it.