I know most of you might not be interested in any technical aspects of running a website or even an Internet business.

Most site owners even don’t want to read or understand html or php, and don’t even want to deal with web hosting.

On the one hand customers fall into the mistake of just looking for an affordable web hosting, that provides the most space and bandwidth. On the other hand web hosting companies know that and offer astronomical amounts of space.

Who will ever use 300 GB of space?

Sorry… That’s not what you should look for. You need to find a hosting provider that can become your partner and support you in every step of your site growth.

TdotHost.com has a small number of clients who are staying the course, because they understand and appreciate my support and genuine interest in making them succeed no matter how far they want to go with their web presence.

Yes, choosing a web host can be an important choice, because it can free you to focus on what you really want to do. Grow your web presence.

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