It’s been a little while, since WordPress upgraded to 3.2 and now even 3.2.1 is out. I have already upgraded a good number of websites with no issues so far.

First double check that your hosting provider has PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL database version 5.0 or higher. Those are now the minimum requirements for the new version of WordPress 3.2. Don’t worry, most major hosting providers have already upgraded. If you are not sure, just contact your hosting provider to double check.

My 2 favorite features:

Performance: It is unbelievable now how much performance gain you can get by just upgrading. If you couple the upgrade with a a plugin like W3 Total Cache, your site will feel like a static html site. Database queries have been optimized such that visitors will not even notice that it is a database driven site.

Editor: A new option has been added to the visual editor, that will enlarge the editor to fullscreen and hide all the elements, letting you focus on what you want to write. This will help you focus on your writing material… assuming you don’t distract yourself with other stuff around you 🙂 To get our of the fullscreen mode when done, just hover the mouse to the top and click on “Exit fullscreen”.

WordPress fullscreen mode toggle

WordPress fullscreen mode toggle

As with any other upgrade, remember to backup your site first, deactivate all the plugins and then upgrade.