Do you have a domain with godaddy and wish to park it with Google Adsense ads? Google has great  step by step instructions for this setup, however if a domain name has been already used by another host, the link for total dns will not show. A message in godaddy’s site will show ‘Total DNS: (Not hosted here)’.

I think the message should say ‘Not hosted here, please park the site by us first if you need to access total dns configurations’. I have been asked about it numerous times and generally find messages that show next action steps easier, than just telling ‘Not hosted here’.

If you follow the instructions from Google ( click here for the instructions ) and don’t find the link to setup the total DNS. Instead it says: DNS: (Not hosted here).  Then click on the “Manage” link under Nameservers setup  (just on the left) and pick the radio button for “I want to park my domain” and click okay. This action will take a little and first display Total DNS: (Temporarily unavailable). After a little while, it should show a link “Total DNS Control” as in the image.


By then you can continue with step 5 to set up a cname and then setup a record for your domain.