I am pleased to announce DomainAlley.net is up and running.
Actually it didn’t take me a lot of effort to set it up. It uses a template to offer domain name registration and other  related products through godaddy.com.
I have been offering domain name registration though my billing account and set it up manually though godaddy.com.
This made me able to offer the service at a very low cost, however there was manual work involved and my hosting customers were not able to manage their domain accounts themselves.
I decided to go this way, because I think godaddy offers great support and their software makes managing domain names easy and straightforward.
Unforetunately, I can not offer lower prices this way for now, but I can offer free hosting when you purchase your domain name from DomainAlley.net.

Here is the deal:
You buy one domain name from domainalley.net.
I will give you 2 months of free hosting ( blog plan at tdothost.com )

If you decide to buy a domain name, here is what you need to do:
– Sign up to register a domain name at domainalley.net
– Sign up at tdothost.com for a blog plan hosting account.
I will give you 2 months free hosting, which includes all the features that are pretty unique at tdothost.
– Unlimited addon domains, subdomains, email accounts…
– Email support through a ticket system.