cpanel-accelerated2Have you noticed a little change in your cPanel main page? A new version is now out being labeled as cPanel Accelerated 2.

The new version has memory usage improvements, you will notice faster loading speed. It is also Ajax enabled, and will make it easier for you to organize your main page boxes if you use the rv theme. You will see some other areas like using file uploads using Ajax as well.

If you are using the x theme, the icons on the main page will be confusing to find in the beginning. When you get used to it, you will find it saving some extra clicks. You can get to phpmyadmin with one click from the main page. Also awstats is one click away from the main page.
A great new feature that will save you time is the section showing “Frequently Accessed Area” links.

cpanel-accelerated-sundaymorningIf you manage more than one site, you can change the style of each site to a different style sheet. This can avoid you being confused when working on both sites at the same time. I like the sundaymorning style.
What style or theme do you like most?