I came across a post by Andre Hector, where he lists 40 Free Blog Hosts that you can use, if you are not ready to pay for posting your blog.

He compiled a great list of resources that can get you started without spending any money.

Some of them I am sure you already have heard about like Google’s Blogger and Yahoo’s 360. The list goes on with a very brief description of each, and if you like to find out more, just click on the link to the service.

I’d like to point however that WordPress could be far better than Google’s Blogger or Yahoo’s 360 service, simply because you own your blog site.

You have more flexibility customizing it, moving it from one hosting provider to another.

Taking backups, securing your blog, adding any kind of plugins you wish to personalize it to your liking.

This is a full ownership and the possibilities are endless.

The thing I am trying to point out here is that with free services, like Blogger and Yahoo360, the customization is limited and you don’t have the rights over the site.

It’s like renting a home instead of buying one.

The reality is that Google or Yahoo have so many sites they manage and if they receive a complaint about you or know that your site has any copyright or breach of their terms of service issue, they will just suspend the site without any notice.

Why all the headache?

Of course, if you are not sure about starting a blog, then by all means the free service is a first step to check.

If you are serious however in building a WP site, you have come to the right Hosting Provider.