kelsey-logo.jpgThe global advertising market reached $600 billion in 2007 and will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.7% to reach $707 billion in 2012, propelled in large part by growth in the interactive segment, according to a new report from The Kelsey Group.

Interactive Advertising Outlook

Interactive advertising revenues will increase significantly: from $45 billion in 2007 to $147 billion globally in 2012 – a 23.4% CAGR – according to “The Kelsey Group’s Annual Forecast (2007-2012): Outlook for Directional and Interactive Advertising.”

My Take:

I agree, the potential for exchange advertisers have on the internet is far greater than with traditional print, radio, or TV.

The best ways to get traffic to your site beside choosing the right keywords, is always bringing new content that interests viewers and interactivity that engages the readers from polls, forums, and social networking to name a few.