Mark Ghosh wrote on Web blog tools collection. Warning about sites offering free theme downloads, that alter the footer by adding links that the original authors did not include in the footer.

He pointed out at, and doing this practice.

I have seen a lot of internet marketers promoting blogging even alter blogs and offer them to their customers. – This is okay

Others sell blog sites that use know altered themes without even crediting the original author. – This is bad.

Here is my take: I think nothing is wrong with this practice as far as you:

  1. Do not violate the “Terms of Use” set forth by the author.
  2. For sure and of course, give credit to the author. Link to his/her site.
  3. Yes, and give the author financially. I know, some authors who show a high count of downloads from their site. They also display a donation button. How much do you think they receive… If you don’t want to buy him/her a beer, then how about a starbucks coffee??

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