reclaim-privacyYou might have noticed changes in Facebook’s privacy policy. I got email notices about it recently. I also noticed updating my account setup is not that easy to do. It is ironic to me that a site, which became so popular due to ease of use from the usability perspective, makes it so difficult to find and update your privacy settings.

BBC wrote today, after facing increasing criticism from not only US consumer groups, but also European Union data protection officials, who describe the recent privacy changes as unacceptable, facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is pledging easier privacy.

Many have even pledged to quit Facebook., an anti-facebook site is encouraging it’s visitors to quit Facebook by May 31, 2010. Already at the time of this writing over 14,000 have pledged to quit.

privacy-scanner-reclaimprivacyI strongly recommend you to visit to take a look and update your privacy if you need to. offers a free and easy to use tool that will scan your Facebook account’s privacy on facebook. Privacy Scanner will display in color coded tags, how secure, (and/or not so secure) your settings are. Even if you are not concerned about privacy, I strongly recommend you to check it out. It will remind you as how the world looks at your personal data.
And while you there, check out the story by Consumer Reports titled: “7 Things To Stop Doing Now on Facebook”