Last night I read a post about security issues that one site owner experienced.

This one is an interesting read. I recommend you to take a look.

Storagemojo is a wordpress powered site owned by Robin Harris. It was hacked not long ago and he describes his painful ordeal to restoring it back to normal.

The pain went beyond just restoring the site and into cleaning all page indexes that Google had built.

Moral of the story: Be diligent in watching your file system and web log traffic for any unusual changes.

Do it periodically and specially after installing any new plugins, themes, or doing any upgrades to your site.

I recommend you to read up about security and make it an integral part of your web presence plan. You can buy my ebook or sign up with, and I will be glad to help you better secure your site.

To read more on Robin’s story, goto “If hackers don’t get you, maybe Google will”.

To your safety.