According to wikipedia: “phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information”.

I had previously many instances of phishing that happened to come through my email. The sender simply asked me to click on a link to update my Payal account.

I always look at the URL of the link in the status bar and my rule was: If the domain name is only shown as an IP numeric address, don’t click it.

Lately, I got an email from Google asking me to update my account. The IP showed another name different than
However, I didn’t pay attention and clicked on it. Luckily my security software (avast) warned me about it. I was surprised, because I thought it was a genuine link, but it wasn’t … I went back to my email and checked the link. It said something like “”…

Mark Ghosh of unfortunately had a similar experience. Take a look to see what he had to go through.

Check out his story and never click on any link in you email, until you are 100% sure of the URL of the link.