As I was compiling my list of resolutions, as I usually do, I received Joel Comm’s list.

He did a great job in outlining what I think hits the target for a fruitful year.

I have read it and added my take on it here:

1- I will clearly define what I want my Internet business to be like …

Yes, setting goals is the most important step and should always be first in my list.

2- I will follow those who have succeeded, emulate their successes and learn from their mistakes.

Yes, but I have to also be unique in my approach. I think following those who succeeded is a good idea, but copying what they do will not bring the same rewards. I need to be unique and I need to have a mentor who looks after me.

3- I will stay focused and not get distracted by all the “bright shiny objects”

Yes, staying focused is another very important step and I think it should have been put next to setting goals.
In our society we get distracted on a daily basis and loosing focus can easily kill any progress.

4- I will use the product I have purchased before buying anything else.

OK, this goes along with #3. I just have to stay focused on whatever I intended to do.

5- I will prioritize networking relationships with others in my
industry, as it is people and not websites that make my business

Yes, networking relationships has proven essential in any work environment.

6- I will make every effort to attend at least one Internet
marketing live event in 2008.

Yes, however most events are held in Florida and the west coast. I wish there is something close to here in the East Coast, I will seriously consider.

7- I will wisely invest time and money in my business. (If you
aren’t willing to make sacrifice, you probably aren’t going to
achieve your goals)

Sure, as anything else in life the more I invest then more I will be rewarded.

8- I will THINK BIG! (The opportunity is seemingly endless. Don’t
be satisfied with small successes… go for it!)


9- I will not give up! (Nothing happens without action. Never stop taking action.) .


10- I will pay it forward. (It is more blessed to give than to
receive, and I’ve found that when you help others it always comes
back to you with good stuff)


I hope you find these useful as I did.