page rankHello. I just like to take a moment and thank you all who made the way it evolved right now. I’d like to thank every visitor ( YOU ) and everyone who commented or contacted me. Also a special thank you to the folks who wrote the software, the themes, and the plugins that we use for free. (We should donate however)

I started early November 07 and discovered last week by accident that it got a pagerank 3. I remember a while ago when I last checked it, it was page rank 0. I expected it to go to page rank 1 then 2, but it just jumped to 3 when I checked it last week.

That’s great.

I started writing last November and focused mainly on hosting and wordpress related topics. This is were I can provide help anyway. I noticed my traffic was consistent around 500 unique every month. Last month it jumped to over a 1000, I don’t know exactly why. Maybe that’s because of the page rank.

Having a full time job and a small hosting business on the side, I don’t really have the time to write more than about 8 posts per month. I even don’t get the chance to comment on other blogs as I really wanted to.
I think what helps me was that I tried to stay focused on Hosting and WordPress related topics. I know there are tons of sites writing about the same, however I thought I can just bring what I think is interesting and useful. I wanted to focus on topics that are not so popular, but are very useful at the same time.

For instance WordPress Security is not a popular topic, however because WordPress is so popular, many know it very well and with a simple URL command they can damage your site, if you don’t take the necessary precaution to protect your site.

By just following simple steps that I recommend you can easily make your site secure, and have the peace of mind that your site is more secure than 90% of wordpress installations out there.

There is no doubt that doing simple SEO tweaks on your site can help with page rank. I will discuss in next posts what I have done so far that helped my page rank go to 3.

Wish you all well and again, thank you for visiting.

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