performixA study by Performix that cought my attention, shows that the internet will play a major role for Americans to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. Here is the breakdown of the study:
– 48% indicated they will fulfill their new years resolution using the internet to accomplish their resolution.
– 36% will go online to purchase an item to further their resolution.
– 14% will utilize online help to reach their 2010 goals.

Further the study shows that most respondents indicate their resolution is saving more money.

Online money management has become a method used by many. At work, I always see my colleagues going to either their bank, brokerage accounts, or just checking the stock market on a frequent basis.
No matter what your New Year resolutions is, the internet makes it easier to start your search. Of course remember their are a lot more resources in the libraries, that haven’t yet made it online. The internet is a good place to start however, just be cautious to  turn to known and reputable sites and use your common sense to stay away from trouble sites.

Have you done something about using the internet more safely? Read about McAfee here.

To read more about the study from Performics, please go here.