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I updated my ebook over the weekend by adding a couple more chapters and feedback received from previous readers. In every wordpress release of the software, functionality is added to better secure it. However there are steps you need to take in order for your installation to be  more secure. Steps as tightening permissions, naming […]

I lately purchased a new laptop.  It’s a windows vista and took me quiet some time to install all the software I need to keep me going. I can’t believe how useful it is in making me what I need to get done and yet it is free. Here is my list: Firefox  I started […]

There may be times when you experience your web site is not loading or you just can not access your site from your browser for any reason. I usually go through some steps to troubleshoot the issue. I am assuming that you have an internet connection and you can access other sites. If you can […]

WordPress 2.6 introduced a new security feature for handling SSL, however it seems to be still buggy. By adding a simple command to your config.php file to force SSL when loging in, should force the software to use SSL. I wasn’t able to get it working, and found out that wordpress SSL implementation will still […]

In cPanel, addon domains are top level domains (TLD) that you can add to your shared hosting account. Addon domains are by far the best way to save with hosting expenses. Using this cPanel feature can save you a lot, if you have multiple sites that you can host with one account. Instead of buying […]

2.6 is out since a week ago, to soon after 2.5.1. A couple of added features, that I really like and will be very handy. – Track Revisions: You can now track changes to every post and page. When you edit a post scroll down and click on “Post Revisions”. You will see all your […]

If you want to have a secure WordPress installation, I urge you not to use any automated tool to install it. In this post, I will demonstrate how I install your WordPress blog without using any FTP software and without using Fantastico. This installation is simple, more secure, and will make your future upgrades a […]

I have been asked numerous times about FTP programs. What FTP software do you use? Which one do your recommend? Is there a good free FTP package? Actually, I installed Hummingbird FTP for Windows, however I use it very rarely. I use it only, if I have to transfer large files or file archives that […]

40 Free Blog Hosts For You

I came across a post by Andre Hector, where he lists 40 Free Blog Hosts that you can use, if you are not ready to pay for posting your blog. He compiled a great list of resources that can get you started without spending any money. Some of them I am sure you already have […]

WordPress Turned Five!

I just read about a party to celebrate 5 years of WordPress in San Francisco. With over 1 million downloads for versions 2.5 and 2.5.1 alone, I thought it was much older. WordPress creators created flexibility, ease of use, and quality in the beginning, then the supporting community followed. What a great success story… I […]

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