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According to a survey by HCD Research, most participants think issues like the economy, healthcare, education, the Iraq war and energy will improve over the next four years with President Obama in office. The study, which was conducted January 13-15 among 3,772 participants, was undertaken to obtain Americans perceptions of President Obama and how they […]

Is it confusing to keep hearing about terms that you are not familiar with and putting them together. I read this ebook and learned some terms that I wasn’t familiar with, specially in the internet marketing arena. It has 247 of the most commonly used words and phrases in the online business and marketing world. […]

Greetings From Egypt

I am spending my holidays this year in Egypt. It is great coming back after 3 years from my last visit, things hasn’t changed that much. The sunny weather, tasty food, and sociable people surround me at all times. In the beginning of my trip, just days before Christmas, I noticed that internet was so […]

WordPress 2.7 Released

WordPress 2.7 released with a major revamp in the dashboard area. I highly value efficiency, and this seems to be the focus here. It’s stunning and I like it. Check out this video presentation. It sums it all up, and I think it’s worth watching.

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” Friedrich Engels. Yes, starting November 2007 was my ounce of action and I am glad I did it. I have been regularly posting here. During this time I have learnd a lot and enjoyed your questions, comments, and  suggestions that I have received. I […]

Using your laptop in public could be risky, especially when you type passwords, check your bank, credit card account or type any sensitive information. I read about a study from a security research that shows keyboards were not safe when transmitting information. The study was conducted in Switzerland (School of Computer and Communication Sciences at […]

These days we each have multiple email accounts, some we use frequently and others not. Managing your email involves 2 parts, managing incoming and managing outgoing email. Let’s take a look at each. Incoming email: In my opinion, the easiest way to manage multiple email accounts, is to forward all email you receive to one […]

WordPress 2.6.3 Released Today

Unexpectedley WordPress released 2.6.3 today to fix a small vulnerability in a library that is used by the dashboard. If you don’t want to download the whole software package, you can just upgrade by downloading the 2 affected file from the wordpress site. ( click here for detail ) I personally don’t recommend downloading this […]

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WordPress 2.6.2 Released

New WordPress version, 2.6.2, was released yesterday to mitigate a new attack called SQL Column Truncation. If you allow users to register, then you need to upgrade to 2.6.2. You might have heard of SQL injection, which is widely used by hackers. SQL Column Truncation is not widely used however. A malicious user can create […]

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