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I’m a strong believer in backing up websites for 2 simple reasons. 1 – The time and effort spent in building a website has to be backed by something like an insurance. A backup plan should be exactly like an insurance plan, that you have to have to protect any valuable. 2 – No matter […]

Having a Website is crucial for most businesses. An online presence can not only boost your business earnings, but by adding a blog you can create a feeling of loyalty and community that is hard to find elsewhere. So, you’ve decided to go ahead and create a Web site and/or blog for your business but […]

Add Login to Your WordPress Website

Have you ever thought to add a login panel to your site? I worked on one lately for a site with multiple contributors. With WordPress it is a simple task, that you might want to do, if you want your visitors to sign in for any reason. Instead of having your visitors go to the […]

PayPal is known to be safe in general. If you have an issue with a transaction, PayPal provides the means to dispute it online through your account. I got recently a security key and think it’s good investment any paypal account holder should have. Even if you don’t keep a lot of money in your account, […]

Believe it of not, Social Networks and Blogs are becoming more popular than email. A recent study by Nielsen online reveals Social Networks ahead of personal email use. Social Networks are also growing twice as fast as any of the other main sectors of the internet. Orkut in Brazil has the largest online members of any other network […]

Are you having trouble installing wordpress? Are you looking for a quick way to install wordpress with all main plugins included? If so then I strongly urge you to try Expert WordPress. Best of all it is offered for free. Expert WordPress was created by my friend Alex Sysoef and Dimitry Agadzhanov. Their basic offer […]

The popular antivirus software is celebrating this week it’s 75 million user. This software helped me on a couple of occasions identify potential danger. I recommend it for you! Most of the 75 million registered users are using their free version. This week they are offering a 25% for their professional edition. Interestingly they started […]

One in 10 Americans Tweets

Everyone likes to share what they do. Twitter has made it even easier than blogging. You don’t have to write much, just some characters on what you’re doing, eating, or even thinking and that’s it. A recent study by Pew shows that more than one in ten ( 11% ) of online users in the […]

A friend was looking for my brother after years of not talking to each other. He went to look and searched the web for him with no luck. He then found me through my blog and contacted me. I think it is worth it to have your own domain, rather than just create a blog […]

Beware Of Phishing

According to wikipedia: “phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information”. I had previously many instances of phishing that happened to come through my email. The sender simply asked me to click on a link to update my Payal account. I always look at the URL of the link in the […]

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Sherif Elsisi Welcome to my blog! I believe that non techie people should be able to create a web presence affordably and with minimal effort!
My name is Sherif Elsisi and on this blog I share my knowledge, discovery and experience with hosting issues, Webmaster tools, security and usability.

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