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You might overlook simple actions that can bring your online project unexpected rewards. I came across this report and enjoyed reading it. It has short paragraphs that will make reading it over multiple sessions educational and without wasting a lot of time. This 23 page report has useful short paragraph information on how to better impress your […]

Google Searches on The Rise

A recent study by Experian shows that Google searches rose about 1% based on a 4 week period of September compared to August 09.

Study shows Gmail service with a higher engagement rates than Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL.

I was working on a site that needed SSL setup for credit card form submission. SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that allows data to be encrypted when transmitted from the browser to the server.

I received lately 2 inquiries about webpages that are loading slowly or partially loading. When looking at them, I found them having as much as 70 photos all lined up in one page. The problem is, loading all the photos can take forever, and scrolling down the page to see all of them all can be […]

Beware Searching The Web

Nowadays I always search the web when looking for any topic, checking for an event, or trying to find directions. I don’t usually think when searching, that some searches are riskier that others.

Facebook started allowing account holders to select a unique username as a facebook address. This will make it easier for Facebook users to bookmark their profiles. You can also find your friends easier. Instead of having accessing someone this way:

Today a customer asked me for EPP code to transfer his domain. I had to look it up as I forgot what it stands for.  EPP stands for ( Extensible Provisioning Protocol ), as per wikipedia:

Website Wishlist: Men vs Women

According to a recent web usability study from Southern Illinois University, both men and women desire websites to be easy to use. Next on the men’s wishlist is faster downloading, women however opted for easier navigation and accessability over speed. I personally favor women’s choices here, as I think usability can add a lot of […]

I was surprised to read last week a news story from avast, warning about the increase of websites infected with the iframe tag or thread. In the story they mentioned that high visibility sites like USA Today, ABC News, and Wal-Mart were affected. This happened to one of my sites not long ago. Thanks to […]

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