bigresearch.jpg Bloggers are younger and better educated but earn less than the general U.S. adult (18+) population – and they are more likely to be single, male, and actively engaged in new media, according to a study by BIGresearch.

Of those who blog occasionally or regularly (26% of the [online] population):

  • 53.7% are male.
  • Nearly half (44.7%) are married.
  • One in 10 (10.4%) are students.
  • 28.4% hold a professional or managerial position.

Well, I am not single, but started enjoying blogging here, supporting blog installations and sites for multiple of clients from different parts of the world. Sometimes I even think that my hosting business can turn into a blogging one.

Study also shows that Bloggers have a lower average income than most adults in the US. That explains why you can get a lot of info about free stuff from blog sites.

To read more detail about the study, click here.