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If you have a commercial website that uses WordPress, you have probably given a great deal of thought as to the best WordPress theme to use. Every business has its own unique needs and finding a theme that is not only professional looking, but meets the demands of your business will be extremely important. Fortunately, […]

I knew about the Sliding Door Image menu from the sliding doors wordpress theme. I like the theme design layout, but don’t like dark background in general. So, I was thinking of using the theme and change the background color and the font colors, basically reversing the colors to begin with. The easiest way to […]

I found Atahualpa when looking for a WordPress theme. What is really unique about it, is the flexibility of customizing the layout of the site appearance from the admin interface. The developers of this theme put a lot of effort in allowing you to customize every detail of the page from the header to the […]

The Block Magazine WordPress Theme is a new theme promoted by Adii. I took a look and like some of it’s features, specially on the sidebar Adii added Domtab integration into the sidebar to display either Recent Articles, Popular Articles or Most Commented Articles. You can edit it to display anything you like. This is […]

Many WordPress based websites have great themes, however I always come across some popular sites, where I think: “If they offer this or that feature, that could be perfect” The good news is that WordPress plugins can make up for almost any missing functionality. Many WordPress theme creators even add plugins to their theme download […]

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Sherif Elsisi Welcome to my blog! I believe that non techie people should be able to create a web presence affordably and with minimal effort!
My name is Sherif Elsisi and on this blog I share my knowledge, discovery and experience with hosting issues, Webmaster tools, security and usability.

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