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If you’ve been blogging for a while, you might have noticed or maybe are bothered that the archives list is getting too large. Every month a new entry is added and it will keep growing as you publish more posts. I have seen some blog themes implement a drop-down for the archive listing, but I […]

If you display Google Adsense on your site, then you will need to display a Privacy Policy. Google updated it’s “Terms and Conditions” and asked all publishers to read it. I use Adsense lightly here and kept getting this message everytime I log into my Adsense account. They set a deadline for reading and agreeing to […]

If you allow users to register to your WordPress site, then I would suggest you to look at the “Roles Manager Plugin” WordPress Version 2.0 introduced the concept of Roles. Each Role has a set of permissions or is allowed to perform a set of tasks called Capabilities. If you allow anyone to register to […]

Have you ever forgotten your password and tried to login multiple times to your bank account. After 3 failed attempts a message comes like “Your exceeded your login attempts. Please try later or contact our account reps” Brute Force Attacks or multiple failed login attempts are sometimes used by malicious users to gain access to […]

Secunia reported Popular Wordspew plugin to have an input vulnerability which can be exploited to inject SQL commands to your wordpress installation. User supplied input to the parameter “id” could be exploited by malicious users to inject SQL. Here is how a visitor to your site can inject SQL through the plugin: From the URL […]

Each wordpress version has it’s known vulnerabilities. It’s a good practice to show as little info about your site installation as possible. You don’t want to make your site an easy target. right? Well, ideally you should always upgrade to the latest version, but to be honest a lot of us put this at the […]

I just installed this plugin after reading Josh Lowensohn’s article about it. This is a great plugin that will allow you to add an additional channel of distribution to your content. Audio ( voice of your content ). Installation is pretty simple and quick, however you will need to proof listen to your post in […]

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My name is Sherif Elsisi and on this blog I share my knowledge, discovery and experience with hosting issues, Webmaster tools, security and usability.

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