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I noticed some of my clients always create pages when they want to add content. Ideally you need to have both Pages and Posts. If your wordpress theme shows each page as a menu item at the top, your site will appear more like a business site, rather than a blog. This is handy, specially […]

It turned out to be easier that I thought to create a website in Arabic. Even if you have a WordPress site in English and want to convert it into Arabic is not a big deal, assuming that the theme you are using will support it. The key is making following 2 changes to your […]

I knew about the Sliding Door Image menu from the sliding doors wordpress theme. I like the theme design layout, but don’t like dark background in general. So, I was thinking of using the theme and change the background color and the font colors, basically reversing the colors to begin with. The easiest way to […]

I use gimp to edit or create images. Lately I got an email asking: how can I change the background color an images, so it can better blend on any background on my web page? I would change the color to transparent rather than a specific color and here is how I would do it: […]

Add and Manage Comments in Pages

Some themes come without showing the comment form at the bottom of pages. To display the comment form on one Page of your blog selectively and not on others, is simple to do. Here is how I would do it:

Add Login to Your WordPress Website

Have you ever thought to add a login panel to your site? I worked on one lately for a site with multiple contributors. With WordPress it is a simple task, that you might want to do, if you want your visitors to sign in for any reason. Instead of having your visitors go to the […]

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Sherif Elsisi Welcome to my blog! I believe that non techie people should be able to create a web presence affordably and with minimal effort!
My name is Sherif Elsisi and on this blog I share my knowledge, discovery and experience with hosting issues, Webmaster tools, security and usability.

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