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In cPanel, addon domains are top level domains (TLD) that you can add to your shared hosting account. Addon domains are by far the best way to save with hosting expenses. Using this cPanel feature can save you a lot, if you have multiple sites that you can host with one account. Instead of buying […]

If you want to have a secure WordPress installation, I urge you not to use any automated tool to install it. In this post, I will demonstrate how I install your WordPress blog without using any FTP software and without using Fantastico. This installation is simple, more secure, and will make your future upgrades a […]

I have been asked numerous times about FTP programs. What FTP software do you use? Which one do your recommend? Is there a good free FTP package? Actually, I installed Hummingbird FTP for Windows, however I use it very rarely. I use it only, if I have to transfer large files or file archives that […]

40 Free Blog Hosts For You

I came across a post by Andre Hector, where he lists 40 Free Blog Hosts that you can use, if you are not ready to pay for posting your blog. He compiled a great list of resources that can get you started without spending any money. Some of them I am sure you already have […]

The short answer to your question is, YES, I do offer SSI at Personally, I always prefer to do it in PHP, since most scripts that I use are written in PHP. However, Frontpage and Dreamweaver allows you to easily build sites using SSI and many site owners prefer using it.

I just learnd about a new domain top level domain (TLD) that will be available for sale in the US with no restrictions starting July 17. I found out about it from a pre-registration email that I received from Godaddy. It seems that ICANN originally approved assigning the .ME domain to the country of Montenegro, […]

Hosting Service Interruption.

My apologies for any hosting service interruption. I host a number of sites on a server that is owned and supported in a datacenter run by Yesterday, their site was down all day, so I couldn’t even open a ticket and follow up on the issue. I received an email last night letting me […]

Question: I am receiving tons of e-mails. Most of these emails are auto responder reply to These look strange as I haven’t created these email accounts. Answer: It seems there is a spammer that has spoofed your email address to sent out spam emails. Since all the undelivered emails bounce back to the email […]

Fantastico is a great tool for installing software by the click of a button. All affordable web hosting providers promote it for quick and easy site building. It is ironically, that I have to caution you from using it even though I offer affordable web hosting. It is great to build sites and experiment with, […]

I know most of you might not be interested in any technical aspects of running a website or even an Internet business. Most site owners even don’t want to read or understand html or php, and don’t even want to deal with web hosting. On the one hand customers fall into the mistake of just looking […]

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My name is Sherif Elsisi and on this blog I share my knowledge, discovery and experience with hosting issues, Webmaster tools, security and usability.

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