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It’s been a little while, since WordPress upgraded to 3.2 and now even 3.2.1 is out. I have already upgraded a good number of websites with no issues so far. First double check that your hosting provider has PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL database version 5.0 or higher. Those are now the minimum requirements for the […]

Are you confused on how some features work under cPanel, or do you want to take advantage of some features that you were not aware of before. has now over 400 tutorials that you can access from the main webpage. These cover the most popular topics, but should you need any further help, please […]

cPanel’s raw access logs is overlooked by many, while it can give you detailed insight of who is trying to access your pages. Learn here how to setup and monitor your raw access logs for better monitoring and securing your site.

Do you have a domain with godaddy and wish to park it with Google Adsense ads? Google has great  step by step instructions for this setup, however if a domain name has been already used by another host, the link for total dns will not show. A message in godaddy’s site will show ‘Total DNS: (Not hosted here)’. […]

Have you noticed a little change in your cPanel main page? A new version is now out being labeled as cPanel Accelerated 2. The new version has memory usage improvements, you will notice faster loading speed. It is also Ajax enabled, and will make it easier for you to organize your main page boxes if […]

I’m a strong believer in backing up websites for 2 simple reasons. 1 – The time and effort spent in building a website has to be backed by something like an insurance. A backup plan should be exactly like an insurance plan, that you have to have to protect any valuable. 2 – No matter […]

Having a Website is crucial for most businesses. An online presence can not only boost your business earnings, but by adding a blog you can create a feeling of loyalty and community that is hard to find elsewhere. So, you’ve decided to go ahead and create a Web site and/or blog for your business but […]

These days we each have multiple email accounts, some we use frequently and others not. Managing your email involves 2 parts, managing incoming and managing outgoing email. Let’s take a look at each. Incoming email: In my opinion, the easiest way to manage multiple email accounts, is to forward all email you receive to one […]

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There may be times when you experience your web site is not loading or you just can not access your site from your browser for any reason. I usually go through some steps to troubleshoot the issue. I am assuming that you have an internet connection and you can access other sites. If you can […]

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My name is Sherif Elsisi and on this blog I share my knowledge, discovery and experience with hosting issues, Webmaster tools, security and usability.

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