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cPanel’s raw access logs is overlooked by many, while it can give you detailed insight of who is trying to access your pages. Learn here how to setup and monitor your raw access logs for better monitoring and securing your site.

You might have noticed changes in Facebook’s privacy policy. I got email notices about it recently. I also noticed updating my account setup is not that easy to do. It is ironic to me that a site, which became so popular due to ease of use from the usability perspective, makes it so difficult to […]

With the proliferation of sites and online/software systems we use on a daily basis, it is becoming more challenging to manage all our passwords. Many I noticed pick simple passwords. It can cause you a lot of headache, if your password is cracked and your investment is lost suddenly. On the other hand good and […]

Microsoft to fix a 17 year old security bug in it’s next security update coming up this month. Well, a bug can stay forever unless someone uncovers it, right? In this case a Google researcher discovered a utility that allows users of new versions of windows to run old versions of windows software. This bug […]

Is Microsoft IE risky?

France followed by the German government lately warned web users against Microsoft’s IE and advised using an alternative web browser. They knew about the vulnerabilities earlier, but announced the warning after the malicious code that was used on Google was published online.

Unless you are using a plugin to hide your WordPress version number, you will notice the message in the admin area for upgrading your WordPress installation. 2.8.6 released late last week addresses a couple of issues that can be exploited by users of your site with posting privileges. If you have multiple registered users or […]

I was working on a site that needed SSL setup for credit card form submission. SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that allows data to be encrypted when transmitted from the browser to the server.

Beware Searching The Web

Nowadays I always search the web when looking for any topic, checking for an event, or trying to find directions. I don’t usually think when searching, that some searches are riskier that others.

I was surprised to read last week a news story from avast, warning about the increase of websites infected with the iframe tag or thread. In the story they mentioned that high visibility sites like USA Today, ABC News, and Wal-Mart were affected. This happened to one of my sites not long ago. Thanks to […]

PayPal is known to be safe in general. If you have an issue with a transaction, PayPal provides the means to dispute it online through your account. I got recently a security key and think it’s good investment any paypal account holder should have. Even if you don’t keep a lot of money in your account, […]

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