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I remember when email came, how it made a huge difference in the level of communications. It became a lot easier to send a message, an invite, or make an announcement to one or many at the same time. Now with the advent of web 2.0, social networking sites, and blogs in general, connecting to […]

You might have noticed changes in Facebook’s privacy policy. I got email notices about it recently. I also noticed updating my account setup is not that easy to do. It is ironic to me that a site, which became so popular due to ease of use from the usability perspective, makes it so difficult to […]

Microsoft to fix a 17 year old security bug in it’s next security update coming up this month. Well, a bug can stay forever unless someone uncovers it, right? In this case a Google researcher discovered a utility that allows users of new versions of windows to run old versions of windows software. This bug […]

Is Microsoft IE risky?

France followed by the German government lately warned web users against Microsoft’s IE and advised using an alternative web browser. They knew about the vulnerabilities earlier, but announced the warning after the malicious code that was used on Google was published online.

Google Searches on The Rise

A recent study by Experian shows that Google searches rose about 1% based on a 4 week period of September compared to August 09.

Facebook started allowing account holders to select a unique username as a facebook address. This will make it easier for Facebook users to bookmark their profiles. You can also find your friends easier. Instead of having accessing someone this way:

The popular antivirus software is celebrating this week it’s 75 million user. This software helped me on a couple of occasions identify potential danger. I recommend it for you! Most of the 75 million registered users are using their free version. This week they are offering a 25% for their professional edition. Interestingly they started […]

One in 10 Americans Tweets

Everyone likes to share what they do. Twitter has made it even easier than blogging. You don’t have to write much, just some characters on what you’re doing, eating, or even thinking and that’s it. A recent study by Pew shows that more than one in ten ( 11% ) of online users in the […]

Bloggers are younger and better educated but earn less than the general U.S. adult (18+) population – and they are more likely to be single, male, and actively engaged in new media, according to a study by BIGresearch. Of those who blog occasionally or regularly (26% of the [online] population): 53.7% are male. Nearly half […]

US internet users watched more than 10 billion videos online in December 2007, according to comScore’s Video Metrix, which reported that the month was the heaviest in viewing since it began tracking online video consumption. Top-ranked video property Google Sites (including YouTube) extended video market share gains and now account for nearly one out of […]

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