Today a customer asked me for EPP code to transfer his domain. I had to look it up as I forgot what it stands for.  EPP stands for ( Extensible Provisioning Protocol ), as per wikipedia:

“EPP is a flexible protocol designed for allocating objects within registries over the Internet.”

In other words, it is a uniform way to handle domain transactions and thus making it a lot easier to transfer domain names between registrars. It is also safer making the chance of your domain being stolen or hijacked minimal.
Different registrars use different names for EPP. I keep my domains at and there, they call it Authorization Code. Other names also used are: EPP code, EPP authentication code, or EPP authorization code… They all mean the same.

To access your EPP or Authorization code at Godaddy, login to you account. Go to domain management, and click on the domain in question. A domain detail page will show all the options available to your domain.


For Security reasons, Godaddy doesn’t let account holders get the EPP code online. will send the code to the administrative email on the account. All what you need to do is double check that you email is up-to-date before initiating a transfer.

Also note: Your domain has to be unlocked prior to transferring it. Also there are ICANN restrictions that will not allow you to transfer your domain, if it was registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.