I received lately 2 inquiries about webpages that are loading slowly or partially loading.
When looking at them, I found them having as much as 70 photos all lined up in one page.
The problem is, loading all the photos can take forever, and scrolling down the page to see all of them all can be a painful task.

Instead of saving all your photos in one page, why don’t you try an album were it shows only one photo and viewers click the “next/previous” link to see other photos.
This looks more elegant than scrolling, will make the page load faster, and help you better organize your photos.
I like a photo script by Trent Foley which is using jquery and loaded it on my personal computer to test. It works fine:  http://www.twospy.com/galleriffic/

If you want to dedicate a site for photos you can use a php based script like Coppermine or Gallery, which are both offered free within cpanel and fantastico.
Do you know about or recommend an image gallery plugin. If so let me know.